School Bulding

It is indeed overwhelming to witness the dream, crafted 25 years ago taking such a magnificent form and making all of us proud- as founders, mentors and parents. The School has completed 25 years. The journey hasn’t been easy; as it takes determined commitment, indomitable efforts and continuous attention to build something which nurtures future generations. It is a huge responsibility and I am glad that we have been able to fulfil it to the utmost satisfaction.
We have not only been able to provide our students a sound academic background but have also been successful in sensitizing them to vital issues , thus enabling them to understand their responsibilities as global citizens and contribute meaningfully to the society. At the same time, due care is taken to foster their individual interests so that they can lead a happy and fulfilling life.
I am positive that in times to come, synergizing modern technology & teaching methods with values and life skills, we will keep providing holistic learning to our students and empowering them to succeed.

Shri Kuldeep Goel