(1) Uniform is compulsory for the students to come in proper & neat uniform everyday. Those who do not come in proper uniform will be sent back home.
(2) Students must always come to school uniform as per the dress code. They must come to school neat and tidy.
(3) Boys should have their hair well groomed. For girls Jewellery should be avoided. Only simple earrings are allowed.
(4) Nails should be properly trimmed. Use of nail polish is forbidden.
(5) Students who come late or absent themselves must bring written explanation from the parents in diary.
(6) Student’s absence should be informed in advance through a leave note. Students coming without leave note will not be allowed to attend classes.
(7) Students must obey the class leaders appointed in the absence of teachers to maintain discipline and good order.
(8) Damage done to the school property must be made good by the student who were responsible. Parent’s must check the diary regularly and note teacher’s remarks etc.
(9) Annual Examination for promotion to next class is held in march. Students who were weak in any subject in the exam will have to give retest on concerned subjects.
(10) No concession in fee is recommended. Examination fee will be taken before exams.
(11) Tuition fee must be paid up to the last day of the running month or else fine Rs. 2/- per day would be imposed essentially.
(12) Guardians are requested to inspect school diary and progress report of the student regularly.
(13) Fee once paid will not be refunded. Either admission fee or the monthly fee.
(14) The complaints regarding the school management and student conduct shall be discussed only with the principal.
(15) The Distt. Court of Jabalpur shall be the tribunal of any dispute regarding the institution.
(16) Guardians are strictly not allowed to enter in the class.
(17) None of the students are allowed in the school premises in civil uniform.
(18) Inside the campus parents/guardians must keep their cell phones in vibration mode.
(19) Negligence of home work, irregularity in attendance, irregularity in payment and misbehaviour in school will justify dismissal.