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Updated on 2017/07/14

A workshop on ‘GOOD TOUCH, BAD TOUCH’ ...

 A workshop on ‘GOOD TOUCH, BAD TOUCH’ was organised in the school on 8th July,2017 for the girl students of classes III to VIII. The resource person was Ms. Ananya Khandelwal ,from INDUS International School of Banglore under the organization of young Indians.

Since safety is an important issue for girl students now a days ,the workshop made the girls aware about how to keep themselves safe.

The presentation started with a small documentary which was a story of a girl who fights back against her uncle who tried to take advantage of her body.

Ms Ananya highlighted some dos and don’ts regarding their safety and informed them of some helpline contact nos. which they can use if they are in trouble .

The workshop was effectively conducted.It was not only educative and informative but also very interactive.


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