School Laboratories

Computer Lab

The computer cell is separately designed by the School authorities with well equipped neat and clean dust proof, well furnished, air conditioned computer lab, having branded computer systems and well qualified faculty.The computer education is provided from class I onwards. The course material is especially designed to enhance the students career ,to meet the Board syllabus and ample practice hours are provided to every individual.

Science Laboratories

The school has well–furnished laboratories for physics, chemistry and Biology which are equipped with modern facilities and well – qualified, trained and experienced staff to guide the student.

Social Science Lab

‘water is life’ So the School provides pure, clean and fresh water of modern RO Plants through the water coolers two on each floor.

Maths Lab

The School has four Houses, namely Nehru, Gandhi, Bose & Tagore, students are encouraged to be part of various cultural and literary activities like Dance Drama Singing ,one Act Pay, Mimicry, Debate, Elocution, Essay Writing ,Drawing and Painting. Inter house competitions are organized , on regular basis to develop qualities of cooperation and team sprits.

Physical education Lab

Our school has already been actively involved in the areas of environmental education, cleaning and greening of the school campus but 17th July was a great day for us when our children have taken a plunge by formalizing their environmental activities under Kalpatru Paryavarn Club. This club is doing a wonderful job and in their own way reach to the other students as well as neighborhood as GREEN AMBASSADORS.
The school has become a NO POLYBAG ZONE. The school will now help in continuing this process which will be carried forward by Teachers imparting the same to the students.