Co-Curricular Activities

Co-Curricular Activities

Co-curricular activities are an integral part of curriculum which provides educational activities to the student and help in broadening their experience.

Seminar on “Say Yes to Health & No to Drugs”

In association with Aashiyana Mahila Samiti a Seminar on “SAY YES TO HEALTH AND NO TO DRUGS” was organized in Sumeet Rahul Goel Memorial Sr. Secondary School on 10th September 2013. This seminar was organized to create awareness about drug abuse and its hazardous effects. The program started with the Balloon game which was played by the students and organized by the President of the Samiti Dr. Saroj Prashant. A movie was also shown on the projector highlighting how we get indulged in drug addiction or what are the factors forcing us to become a drug addict and what are its consequences.

Through Nukkad Natak the seminar was made more realistic and practical to reach to the minds of children. At last Dr. Mohanty delivered a speech on this issue and also satisfied the student’s queries. This seminar was admired and appreciated by all Mrs. Patni, Dr. Saroj Prashant, Mrs. Chawla, Mrs. Manoj Bal, Mr. R.N.Chauhan, Mrs. Anand and Mrs. Anuradha Batra graced the occasion with their benign presence.

Teachers Day Celebration

To pay their gratitude, respect and devotion to the Teachers the students of Sumeet Rahul Goel Memorial Sr. Secondary School celebrated Teachers day on 5th September 2013. The programme was started with the lightening of the lamp my Mrs. Arora, Mrs. Bal and Mr. R.N.Chauhan. After lighting of ceremonial lamp there was a gala presentation on the stage prepared by the students that mesmerized the teachers and students. On this day besides Cultural presentation teachers enjoyed many games like Musical chairs, shuttle race, identifying the teacher on the basis of clues given (Shero-shayari style) etc.
An inter house dance competition was also organized and students performed based on their themes, which was applauded by one and all. In the end Teachers also sung beautiful songs, danced on the floor and the program was concluded with vote of thanks by the Principal. After that a sumptuous lunch was enjoyed by the Teachers.

Inter House Competitions

As it is rightly said “ All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy “, keeping this in mind the School decided to organize various Co-curricular activities in the month of August 2013. All inter house activities like English, Hindi Debate, Essay writing and Elocution competition, Solo Singing and Dance, Fancy Dress competition, Quiz and Sports activities like Table Tennis, Kho-Kho, Basket ball etc were conducted. All the teachers and students actively participated in these activities and gave their best.

School Cabinet

The School Cabinet is a very integral part of the school and comprises of a well –knit team of students chosen by the Principal and Teachers. The cabinet is responsible for the maintenance of discipline in the school.
They also shoulder the responsibilities of organizing all cultural programmes and competition held in the school . Being student responsibility the cabinet acts as an important link between the student and school management. The cabinet consists of the head girl, head boy, deputy head girl , deputy head boy, twelve perfect , two sports captains, two discipline perfects and two cultural head.